Saturday, 4 May 2013

Difficult Journeys

On 7th November 2011, local teenager Hope Fennell , aged just 13,was struck by a 17.5 tonne lorry whilst crossing Kings Heath High Street
Hope's mother Nazan continues to campaign to make Kings Heath High Street safer.
If you would like to know more about the campaign and support it, please follow the link:

Live in Hope

During the past week, me and my friend Sue took a difficult journey in relation to Hope This was not a journey by bicycle, but a journey to take care of the roadside memorial Ghost-cycle of Hope.
Through our harsh winter Hope's Ghost-cycle began to look quite unkempt and was in much need of attention   So during this week Sue and I took it away, dismantled it and took it  to get it powder coated at City Powder Coating.
The very kind and considerate assistant Lee, a resident of Kings Heath,  agreed to take care of things for us and generously agreed to do the work for free.
Feeling confident that Lee and his team are going to a great job, we intend to have the new and freshly painted Ghost-cycle  back in its original location within a week or so.
On its return we welcome the  community of Kings Heath to share in taking care of Hope's Ghost-cycle.  Please feel free when you pass the memorial  to refresh the flowers, add new flowers or give things a general tidy up. Hope's favourite colour  was pink.
Hope's Ghost-Cycle is located at the pedestrian crossing at High St, King's Heath, Birmingham, West Midlands B14 7BW, outside Asda Supermarket 



Saturday 18th May 2013

I am personally moved by the response of the community to the removal of Hope's Ghost Bike.
I therefore thought it was important to let you know that it has not been taken away for ever. I can clearly see now  that the community would never allow that to happen.  To reassure, I can confirm that the bicycle has had a great respray and refitting of parts, with valued support from local businesses such as City Powder Coating, Birmingham Bike Foundry and  Bike Pro and at present it is being kept safe by people within the community.
It will be returned soon. However, due to current pavement refurbishments on Kings Heath High Street, we are advised not to return the bicycle until this work is completed. 

Thank you for your continued interest and support.  In the meantime you can continue to support Nazan in her campaign.

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