Friday, 31 May 2013

She Spoke to Kathryn & Rosie About Bikes in Birmingham

Tell me your bikes and where you got them?
(Kathryn) I got my bike from a charity shop.  My Grandma found it for me. It's a Raleigh Cameo.  It's a little bit too big for me. But it's great with the basket I can cycle to Uni.
(Rosie)  I have had my bike for a very long time.   The chain is really rusty and the mudguard is broken, but it does the job and it goes a bit faster than Kathryn's.

Where have your bikes taken you today?
Our bikes have taken us from Selly Oak, through Cannon Hill Park to Birmingham City Centre.  

Why do you cycle?
(Kathryn)  Walking is too slow.
(Rosie) It's nice to get out and get some fresh air, especially when you've been sitting in Uni all day.  It's a lot quicker and it's nice to actually see Birmingham rather than get on a bus or train

What is your main commute in Birmingham?
Our main commute is from Selly Oak to the University of Birmingham

What is your favourite commute around Birmingham and the West Midlands?
We quite like the river Rea Route, but our favourite is to cycle to  +Cadbury World  to buy loads of chocolate.

Tell me something that you do whilst cycling?
(Kathryn)  I do a lot of Backies.  I have got a little seat on the back of my bike so I backy my friends around the campus.
(Rosie) I get a bit bored so I like to go as fast as I can and race the cars.

What do you think Birmingham could do to make the cycling infrastructure more user friendly to all cyclists?
Not enough people cycle.  There are lots of cycle paths but they just suddenly come to an end, so we need more continuity of cycle paths to make them more connected.   We also need more parking for bikes about the city.

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