Sunday, 16 June 2013

Those Bloomin' Bikes

It was a while ago since I decided to have a go at planning a small event for Bikeweek.    My chosen event was Birmingham Bikes in Bloom, which involved people coming together to decorate their bicycles with floral bling, followed by a short Traffic Free ride around Bournville and some essential Tea & Cake.

Coming up with the idea and getting all of the flowers and bling was easy and very enjoyable.   Then came the registration, route planning and risk assessment.  Taking all eventualities and all needs into consideration was a task.  I had planned a ride of between 4 & 6 miles passing through  Bournville & bits of Victoria Park.   I rode the route once and thought it was fine, "No Problems here"   Then I rode the route a 2nd time yesterday, and to my surprise pathways had grown over with thorny, spiky brambles etc..  This meant another trip on my bicycle with my garden clippers in my pannier to cut the brambles.

The day was the most enjoyable part and was everthing I expected and more. The weather forecast was reasonably good and we had a great  turnout of 19 people in total. A mix of families and others.  Not all people did the ride, but a majority decorated their bicycles, completed the 4 miles ride & returned for the social gathering & the essential Tea & Cake

Kids were first to get hands on & Crafty

This Little lady engaged very well with the idea, and did a great job on her bike, but was later worried that she may be followed home by a swarm of bees!

 People added flowers to their bikes and themselves

People worked together

Fresh garden flowers came in handy

Some people went all out Chelsea Flower Show 

 Fallen Rhododendron petals made great natural garlands 

people did arty frame logos

Bloomin Giant Bikes 

All in all, everyone seemed to have a really good time.  We were all delighted with the the surprise offer at Rowheath Pavilion .  FREE  TEA, COFFEE & TOAST ON SUNDAYS!

Many thanks for everyone who came along and made this a successful and enjoyable event.
 By request from some of the families who were in Rowheath Park, I will be back to do a similar children's event in a few weeks.
Watch out for 

 "Bling Your Bike"  


  1. Kudos, I saw a flowered up bike outside the Moseley Vintage/retro fair about 3-ish

  2. not another "Bloomin Bike"

    I am guessing it was this one