Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bling Your Bike

Today, as promised I packed my panniers & basket full of Bling, stickers, flowers, tools and more to facilitate a community based " Bling Your Bike" Bikeweek event.

I had decided not to do all the advertising through Facebook & Twitter etc..  However, the event was listed on the Bikeweek website.  So I had no idea, who or if anyone would turn up.

The morning was a very warm one, so lots of families passed through Rowheath Pavillion.   
Whilst I did not have a huge gathering of children at anyone time during the morning. I did experience a steady flow of children who came with their bicycles and scooters to take part.

Spoke Beads were very popular with the boys 

Whilst the children decorated their bikes with ribbons, loads of stickers, tinsel and other Bling, parents helped and supported their children to decorate their bikes.

Some older kids  came along for the ABC Safety  Check or t their tires pumped up, or their chain lubricated.

The 2 hours went by very quickly with approximately 12 children taking part. 

Thank you for an enjoyable and creative morning 

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