Friday, 28 June 2013

She Spoke to Robert About Bikes In Birmingham

Robert with his Birmingham built Dawes Jaguar 531 frame

Tell me about your bike and where you got it?
My bicycle is an original Birmingham built Dawes Jaguar racing bike.
My bike was found by a friend of mine underneath the South Arts Building at Swansea University.  It had been chained up for a year, so he asked the security staff if he could have it, and they said "Yes please take it away."  So he removed the D-lock and took it away.   After all that, unfortunately he didn't have the time to do the necessary extensive renovation, so he gave it to me.

Where has your bike taken you today?
Today my bike has taken me just a mile or so around Bournville.

Why do you cycle?
I cycle for lots of reasons, but most importantly to reduce the size of the footprints I leave in the sands of time. I like to avoid motorised traffic, with all the stress it brings. I like the sense of freedom it gives me.  It's great for fitness and health and also for the cost benefits as no petrol is required.

What is your most regular commute around in Birmingham?
Well I don't really commute because I work from home.  I just go out for transport, shopping and leisure; I normally ride up to Sainsbury in Selly Oak.

What is your favourite place to cycle in Birmingham?
I don't really have a specific place that I like to go to, but what I like to do is cycle around on the canal towpaths in Birmingham because they are peaceful and quiet with lots of wildlife.

What else do you do on your bike other than pedal?
I like to reflect and look at the nature around me, that's why I prefer to ride away from the traffic

What do you think Birmingham could do to improve the cycling infrastructure to make it more user friendly for all cyclists?
It could do an awful lot.   What I would like Birmingham to do is to copy the Dutch Model, because it has been tried and tested, it works, and it gets lots of people cycling

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